Silk production process

Silk production process

Raw silk is a favorite type of silk and all the rage on the market nowadays, creating a charming beauty that is rustic, natural, luxury but nor fussy for the items.

Over hundreds of years, the craft village of Nam Cao has existed and developed as an inseparable part of the history of Thai Binh villages. The products made from Nam Cao raw silk are ethnic, representing the traditional folk art of the nation. These items are not mass produced but handcrafted, requiring the elaborate and industrious artisans. Each product is a process of production from natural materials combined with creativity and skillful hands of Nam Cao villagers.

In order to have soft fabrics, the artisans have had hard-working days to turn the cocoon pieces and the residual root that seems to be the only remaining waste into valuable cloth through the following steps.

Stage 1: Cook the yarn

Raw silk are woven directly from silkworms, also known as raw silk that is made from silkworm cocoons like silk, but the yarn is bigger. Silk yarn, also called raw silk, is made from special material that is cooked thoroughly by cocoons, so that the cocoon is soft.


Stage 2: Spinning

After the yarn is thoroughly cooked, the weaver will use their hands to pull the yarn in a water bowl and this step is called pulling the cot, this is also the most important stage in the production process of raw silk.

Stage 3: Dry the yarn

After spinning, the yarn is pulled back to spin the fibers (long fiber) then dried. When the yarn is completely dried, the weaver will proceed to the next stage.

Step 4: weaving cloth

After drying, the weaver uses rolls of the yarn to weave into the raw silk. In addition, they can dye the fabric to get different colors or weave the pattern on the fabric.

From the materials which are likely impossible to use, many fashion designers have created popular products, collectively known as raw silk products that are presented in the market today.

With completely manual and meticulous production process from natural materials, this kind of fabric offers very unique features such as: very airy, cool in summer, warm in winter, soft but durable, easy to bleach, clean and dry … Raw silk clothing has satisfied not only the Vietnamese but also conquered many customers in other countries.

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