TRANSS is a Vietnamese fashion brand founded in 2016 by Huyen Le. Inspired by the charming and seductive beauty of Vietnamese dress “AoDai”, TRANSS subtly brings the creative combination of Vietnamese Tradition into modern and innovative fashion trend as it wishes to revive this fading beauty and spread it to friends around the world.

From Nam Cao Tussore Weaving Village, Thai Binh Province, Vietnam- a simple, rustic countryside, TRANSS carefully select its materials focusing on quality, eco-friendly, and patronizing local silk weaving craft techniques in this village. By the love of nature expressed through the use of natural materials, TRANSS has gradually researched and studied natural fabrics from affordable to high-end. Every year, TRANSS sets out criteria to acquire natural fabrics.

In 2016, TRANSS delves deeply into the silk line to create modern and innovative costumes imbued with Vietnamese culture from traditional aodai, camisole, and skirt which was developed into new trends.

In 2018, TRANSS approached the line of linen material, importing raw materials from factories in China, ensuring 100% quality from pure natural flax fiber and producing the best quality products. TRANSS then created Modern Chinese men’s clothing style.

In 2020, TRANSS continued to approach 100% cotton line, handmade cotton fabrics from the North of Vietnam for children’s clothing.

By the end of 2021, TRANSS will continue to learn and innovate traditional Vietnamese craft to produce more natural fabrics from imported flax fibers combined with Vietnam’s silk yarn. TRANSS will continue to promote and preserve the cultural traditions of craft villages, raising silkworms, spinning yarns, and weaving fabrics. Simultaneously, researching new material lines to create the purest yarns, combined with unique designs to create new products with high application, close to the environment as a gift from Nature presents to consumers who always appreciate products derived from nature.

At TRANSS, customers satisfaction is always a top priority. Through passion and creativity, the products are designed according to the needs of customers making it unique, fresh, and equally luxurious. TRANSS products have satisfied not only the Vietnamese but also conquered many customers in other countries. We are proud to bring our customers a Vietnamese eco-friendly products with exquisite design.

Tailoring products in accordance to customers’ physique is the strength of TRANSS that makes it unique to other brands. Products can be completed in 3-5 days upon orders. In addition, products with variety of sizes from S-XXL are always available on the shelves.

Aside from fashion designs, TRANSS also ventured on new line which are fabrics made from natural materials specifically linens for customers who wishes to put up their own fashion brand. Customers can either choose Vietnamese Handwoven fabrics or imported from China. TRANSS will always lend a hand for its customers’ success!

“Be yourself and love your own beauty” is the message TRANSS wants to convey to its customers. And by trusting TRANSS products, you also bring and spread the beauty of Vietnam to the world!

Huyen Le